A full schedule will be available to download and print in July. 

The standard length of 1.8 shakuhachi will be used in the workshops.


The notations for most of the pieces, together with recordings, will be available in due course on this website to help participants to prepare. Please note that copies of the notation will NOT be available during the summer school so make sure to download and print them in advance.

Music stands will not be available so please ensure to bring your own.


Thursday: Open Mic Night

The ‘Open Mic’ concert is a space for participants who would like to share their performances in a less formal environment and is open to all participants of the summer school who wish to perform. On the first day of the summer school, 30th July, participants can sign up to perform in the concert, until the total performance times have been filled. The length of the concert is limited so pieces should be short, about 6 minutes maximum. Participation will be based on the order of signing up and the organisers reserve the right to limit the number of performers or to omit pieces if the organisation of the presentation/performance makes this necessary.

Friday: Teachers’ Concert

This concert will feature the main teachers and genres taught at the summer school.

Saturday: Gala Concert

This concert will take place at St Ann’s Church, Dawson Street in the city centre. The venue has a history of Japanese music concerts, thanks to its resident organist and musical director, Charlie Marshall, who is also one of the finest performers of the Japanese biwa outside of Japan and a shakuhachi player. The concert will feature many of the teachers and some musicians of Irish traditional music.

Tickets are 15 euros (+administration fee) and are available from Eventbrite. Please note that participants of the summer school have free admission.

Sunday: Students’ Concert

The Summer School will end with a special concert featuring all the participants performing and sharing the pieces which they have learnt during the event.